Working With Indian Country Since 1984

DONHAM, CPA, LLC is a public accounting firm specializing in accounting and auditing services for Native American Governments, Housing Authorities, Tribal Schools and Colleges, and related entities.

DONHAM, CPA, LLC has completed federally required audits of over one billion dollars in expenditures by Tribal Governments and entities since the passage of the single audit act in 1984. Many of these audits have been for Tribes that have continually experienced delinquent filing of audit reports with the Federal Government and have contracted with DONHAM, CPA, LLC to bring multiple year audits current and to keep the audits current. The firm takes pride in its ability to perform all work within required deadlines.

Comprehensive services provided include:
  • Federally Required Audits
  • Audit Preparation
  • Audit Resolution and Negotiation of Settlement of Questioned Costs
  • Indirect Cost Proposal Preparation and Rate Negotiation
  • Fraud Investigation and Fraud Prevention Training
  • Development of Written Policies and Procedures to Meet Federal Guidelines and to Enhance Internal Control
  • Budgeting and General Financial Management
  • Automated Accounting Systems
  • Staff Training Through On-Site Personal Direction and Formal Seminars

During more than 27 years of working with over 100 tribal entities, DONHAM, CPA, LLC has assisted Tribal Governments, Housing Authorities, Schools, Colleges, and Economic Enterprises in meeting the financially related goals and objectives of the entity.

Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.